Ice Hockey players need to maintain a high level of performance during their time on the ice. Here is a video that talks about the phases of game day nutrition which is what to eat before, during and after a game.

Phase one begins one to three hours before your game depending on how your body feels. You decided, within that time frame, when you will eat a one to one ratio of protein and carbs. One great example of this ratio is a seven ounces chicken breast with one cup of quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato.

For those days when you are running from one place to the next and can’t get in a good pregame meal, mix a protein powder with a carb powder for a quick phase one drink instead.

Staying fueled during the game is just as important. Add a carb powder and a protein powder to a shaker cup. Also include iso whey powder or an amino blend and an electrolyte blend to your shaker to create the perfect drink to keep you going.

To recover and rebuild after your game, either enjoy a big meal like you did in phase one or combine the carb powder and protein powder for another quick meal replacement.