Hockey is a pretty aggressive sport. It’s not uncommon to knock opponents down, but it’s unacceptable when it’s your stench that is the aggressor. It doesn’t matter if you’re the hottest player on the ice, your own teammates won’t want you around if you smell bad.

This post is your friend if you’ve found yourself uninvited to the post-game-pizza parties. It will help you be stench free giving you an opportunity to recover your social life after the game and practices.

Paul Boyer of the Detroit Red Wings suggests washing your gloves every two to three days. Other pieces of equipment may only need to be washed about once a month, though I am sure your mom will tell you it needs to be done more often. You should probably listen to your mom.

Aeration as soon as you get home is key! Hang up your equipment and let it dry out. This will inhibit the growth of stinky bacteria which can also be dangerous on your skin if you have any cuts. After your shower, make sure you tend to your lacerations so you don’t get MRSA or staph infection. That would really stink!

Replacing equipment like skates every two years can be expensive, but it is important in fighting bacteria causing odor as well. Just like knee and elbow pads can become moldy and need to be replaced immediately, skates can grow mold too. Airing out the inner pieces can lengthen their life, but replacement will become necessary eventually.

For more information on cleaning tools and products for hockey gear and players click the link below…because nobody wants to be the stinky kid.