Whether you’re a baseball player or any other athlete looking to rebuild muscle after a tough workout, protein is your friend. Protein combined with carbohydrates is even better! Consuming lean protein immediately after your workout and again an hour later is recommended by experts. Protein rebuilds your muscles by breaking down into essential amino acids that your body does not make on it’s own. Beware, more is not better when it comes to protein. Most athletes should stick to 20-25 grams following an activity.

Carbs replenish your glycogen allowing your body to recover from your workout. Glycogen is a readily mobilized storage form of glucose. Simply put, it can be broken down to give you energy when needed. But again, don’t over do it! You want to recover not go into a carb coma.

Beans and brown rice, grilled chicken with carrots and broccoli, a healthy protein shake combining carbohydrates are all great choices for rebuilding and recovering without that nasty ‘roid rage.

Protein: The Honest Athletes Steroid