While everyone else is trying to avoid carbohydrates, athletes are consuming them if they want to increase their strength, stamina, and speed. Carbs are energy, and when training anaerobically as athletes do, we need all the energy we can get! That doesn’t mean we get a free pass to eat all the chips and dirty carbs we want. Depending on our fitness goals, one or two servings the size of your fist per meal should do the trick.

Getting enough carbs is just as important as eating the right kind of carbs. Whole grains and sprouted grains from healthy cereals and brown rice are great choices, as are fruits and vegetables like berries and carrots. Beans offer both protein and carbs. Some athletes choose starchy choices like potatoes or corn. I prefer the nutrition and taste of a sweet potato.

So sit down with a bowl of fruit and watch this video for more tips on choosing the right kind of carbohydrates for you.

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